University Departments, Registered Student Organizations (via their advisors) and alumni may reserve space for Events at various Facilities on Kentucky State University’s beautiful campus. Venues include ballrooms, auditoriums, classrooms, theaters, multi-purpose facilities, green spaces, and more.

  • ALL EXTERNAL ENTITIES MUST first contact Public Engagement and Community Outreach for information on the contractual process and rates. Do not proceed with submitting this request form and instead call (502) 597-6063 if you wish to request a space for your organization.
  • KSU DEPARTMENTS AND REGISTERED STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS (via advisors) MUST click on the button below to begin the reservation process through the Office of Auxiliary Services.  This step in the process does not reserve space, but simply submits the request that will be reviewed by Auxiliary Services and applicable campus contacts.  An Auxiliary Services representative will follow up with either an approval or denial of the Request.  Requests initiated via email, rather than through this form, will not be considered; they will be discarded.



Your submission of requests signifies your agreement with and acceptance of the following “Guidelines for Events Held at Campus Facilities”:

  • ALL event requests must include a KSU FOAP or billing/account information.
  • Designated University facilities may be reserved for use by Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) via their advisors, Faculty/Staff and alumni during the Regular Academic year, Intercession and Summer Session for Events related to the purposes of the organization. The Director of Student Life will coordinate the registration of all Student-sponsored Events in accordance with established procedures.
  • An Advisor must reserve facilities on behalf of RSOs. The Advisor will be considered the Responsible Party for maintaining the condition of the facilities. The facilities must be used in a manner consistent with all regulations, policies and guidelines governing Student life.
  • Facilities reserved for use by an Advisor for a RSO may not be used by any other organization during the period of the reservation.
  • No Student-sponsored Event will be scheduled within one week of final examinations except those which are considered a part of the Commencement activities or unless approved by the Director of Student Life Center and the Vice President for Student Affairs.
  • Reservations will be granted in order of application (if approved).
  • The individual responsible for reserving a particular facility or area, or his/her designee, must be present when the facility or area is being utilized pursuant to the reservation. The following facilities may be utilized on a reservation-only basis:
    • Indoor spaces
    • Intramural fields and other recreational areas
    • Parking lots
    • Residential areas of the campus
  • If the Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designated representative believes that a facility is being improperly used or believes the users of the area are acting imprudently, he/she shall do the following:
    • Warn the offending group or individuals that continued misuse will not be permitted
    • Recommend alternative locations or means of expression
    • Instruct the offending individuals or the assembled group to vacate the area
    • Cite individuals or groups for violation of University regulations
    • Request assistance of Law Enforcement officials
    • Any combination of the actions listed above
  • All dances will be held on Fridays and Saturdays and end no later than 1:30 a.m., unless special permission for exception has been granted by the Director of Student Life and the Vice President for Student Affairs.
  • An organization which desires to cancel an approved Event must send notification by e-mail to no later than one week prior to the scheduled Event.
  • All organizations are required to clean the facilities used for scheduled Events immediately following the end of the Event or be prepared to pay for janitorial services.
  • Any special equipment (i.e., microphone, podium etc.) needed for Bradford Hall, Hill Student Center or elsewhere must be listed on the Facility/Event Reservation Form.
  • For activities at which Campus Dining is needed, the Event Contact must call that office at (502) 597-6398.
  • All members and guests are expected to join the Staff in promoting a safe and positive recreation and learning environment by using mature judgment in choosing actions, clothing, and language. Profane or abusive language will not be tolerated and will be confronted by facility staff and other members. The Vice President for Student Affairs reserves the right to suspend or revoke privileges for any of the following: misconduct, misuse of equipment, willful destruction of property, harassment, profane or abusive language, disrespecting staff or other members, or disregard of operational policies and procedures. Sexual harassment of members or staff will be addressed by the use of all legal channels available.
  • Unauthorized use of exit doors, unless in an emergency, may result in loss of privileges or a fine.
  • The use of tobacco products, the possession or use of alcoholic beverages, and the possession or use of illegal drugs is prohibited.

Please report any concerns via e-mail to Auxiliary Services – – who will address them with the applicable party.  If email is inaccessible, call (502) 597-5692.


Auxiliary Services
317 Julian M. Carroll Academic Services Building (ASB)
(502) 597-5692