PLEASE NOTE: The listing for the 2019-2020 academic year is in the process of being updated. Thank you for your patience.

Emmanual Amadife2021
Nkechi AmadifeLibraryAssociate Professor
Swagata BanerjeeSchool of BusinessAssistant Professor2020
Mary Barr
Jyotica BatraSchool of Mathematics and Computer ScienceAssistant Professor2020
Phillip ClayCollege of Professional StudiesAssistant Professor, Vice President2020
Richard Cristan2020
Rene Desborde * Second consecutive termSchool of BusinessAssociate Professor2020
Maheteme Gebremedhin
Stephen Graham-Hill2021
Bruce GriffisDivision of Mathematics and SciencesAssistant Professor2020
Jason KeelerCollege of Professional StudiesAssistant Professor2020
Alexander Lai2021
Shawn LucasCollege of AgricultureAssistant Professor2020
Farida Olden
Keith McCutcheon2021
Sharon McGee2021
Mara MerlinoSchool of Behavioral and Social SciencesProfessor2020
Joe MoffettDivision of Literature, Languages and PhilosophyPrevious Year's President, Assistant Professor
Ken SemmensCollege of AgricultureAssistant Professor2020
Johnathon Sharp2021
Helen SmithDivision of Literature, Languages and PhilosophyPresident, Associate Professor2020
Debbra TateLibraryAssistant Professor2020
Charlos Thompson2021
Lisa TurnerSchool of NursingAssistant Professor2020
Monica ValentineParliamentarian2021
Bobby Walter2021
Herman WalstonApplied Human SciencesProfessor2021
Leigh WhittinghillCollege of AgricultureAssistant Professor2020
Clifton WiseSchool of Mathematics and Computer ScienceAssistant Professor2020
Allison YoungCollege of AgricultureAssociate Professor2021