Verification is a process required by the federal government. Your financial aid counselor will be comparing information reported on your FAFSA to the information placed on your Work Verification Sheet.

Depending on what group you are in determines what is needed from you to turn in to complete the verification process. All verification groups have a required work sheet that must be filled out and turned in.

Most Students have the capability to link tax information to   their FASFA through a process called the 2013-2014 HowToDRTrequest

What If The Data Retrieval Tool Does Not Work for me?

For those student who are not able to do so you will need to   order a 2012-2013 Tax Return Transcript from the IRS. Please click on this link for the number and instructions.

** By Law A Counselor Has Up To 14 Business Days Upon All Required Documents Being Turned To Complete Your Verification. To Avoid Falling Behind In Class We Advise That You Turn In Your Verification Information Prior To Class Starting.