Determining your Award

In determining whether you have financial need, the university maintains certain principles and practices. First, the primary responsibility for financing your education rests with you and your family. Second, financial aid is a resource, which is only available to fill the gap between your family’s contribution and your yearly cost of education. Third, in determining your family’s ability to contribute toward the cost of a college education, the institution must utilize a fair, consistent, and equitable method of measuring a family’s resources. The process of need analysis utilizes the federal methodology (FM) as approved by the U.S. Congress and calculated by the U.S. Department of Education.

In determining need, many factors are considered, potentially including the taxable income of your parents, you the student, and/or spouse, value of assets, untaxed income, number of people in the household, and number of family members in college.

Once we have received and processed any requested documentation from you, your application for financial aid at Kentucky State University is reviewed and an award notification is sent. You will also be notified if and when a revision is made to your awards.

You are not packaged or awarded federal or state need-based aid until you are fully admitted to the university.

 Awarding Philosophy & Procedures:

In an effort to establish a consistent means of packaging financial aid, we have established the following minimum standards for awarding student financial aid:

You will not be awarded federal or state need-based aid until you have a complete financial aid file, including an official 2020-2021 FAFSA, all requested documents, and an active application in our computer system. No ineligible or hold flags may exist on your account. All federal database match problems must be resolved. Deadlines for aid consideration for each semester are available on our website.