Cooperative Education Program

prospectiveStudentsThe KSU Co-op is an acronym for “Career, Opportunity, Occupation and Position“.  Co-op is defined as:

  • Career: Individual development of the student with full participation in society.
  • Opportunity: Cooperative education provides the student an opportunity to gain employment experience while enrolled in an academic program of study for credit.
  • Occupation: Employment.
  • Position: Career placement upon graduation.

Cooperative Education combines work experience with academic study. This program enables students to gain requisite skills and preparation for career development. This experience-based learning  is to improve the competence of the student and encourage cooperation and understanding between the academic and employment communities by:

  • Providing a superior educational program through the integration of planned and structured career work experience with classroom instruction.
  • Expanding opportunities for students to explore career options through work experiences.
  • Assisting students in reducing educational costs.
  • Providing private and public sector employers the opportunity to observe and evaluate student employees, thus facilitating personnel selection processes.
  • Facilitating exposure and comprehension of educational needs and objectives by faculty, students, and employers.