Leadership Gifts

Some gifts don’t last a lifetime. They last several lifetimes.
A variety of endowed and capital naming opportunities exist at Kentucky State University. Some of these are described below:
• Academic Support
• Library Support
• Faculty Support
• Student Support
• Facility Support
• Community Support

Academic Support 
We suggest a minimum gift of $25, but any amount is appreciated.

Named School or College ($3,000,000)
To provide an endowment for continuing support.

The President’s Fund for Excellence ($ 1,000,000)
To provide discretionary funds for use by the president for the furtherance of academic excellence.

The Dean’s Fund for Excellence ($500,000)
To provide discretionary funds to a specific college or school for excellence.

Named Center, Institute or Bureau ($350,000)
To support the ongoing operation and research of the organization.

Named Department Funds for Excellence ($250,000)
To provide an endowment for continuing support and advancement excellence.

Library Support

To cover acquisitions and processing costs in a major collection or for a special collection area.

To endow a curator for a distinguished special collection.

To support ongoing major equipment and information needs.

To support a graduate student each year in developing important research and bibliographic knowledge while working in special areas of the library.

Faculty Support

Named Distinguished University Professor ($1,500,000)

To support a preeminent scholar of international reputation with an endowment sufficient to the aspirations of the program.

Named Endowed Chair ($1,250,000)
To provide full support for an outstanding scholar.

Named Professorship ($500,000)
To provide supplemental support for an outstanding faculty member.

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Named Faculty Fellowship ($150,000)
To support a faculty member engaged in specific work of particular importance.

Named Endowed Research Fund ($100,000)
To support endowment income with research efforts in a field designated by the donor.

Named Lecture of Seminar Series ($100,000)
To support lectures by scholars and public figures or special seminars.

Student Support

Named Regents Fellowship ($100,000)
To cover tuition and fees, room and board, and other expenses for an outstanding graduate student.

Named Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship Fund ($100,000)
To provide full tuition, room, and board for a financially needy and deserving undergraduate in a field of study, college or location that may be stipulated by the donor.
Endowment for Tuition Only ($50,000)

Named Regents Scholarship ($75,000)
To provide room and board and other expenses for an outstanding undergraduate student while the campus contributes tuition and fees.
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Named Existing Buildings ($1,500,000) 

To provide funds to renovate current buildings, to establish maintenance endowment, or for general support.

Named Renovated Buildings (51% of estimated cost)

Named Future Buildings (51% of estimated cost)

Named Laboratory ($500,000)
To provide an endowment for the general support of a laboratory.

Public Service

Named Community Service Program ($200,000)

Named Cultural Program ($100,000)
To provide funds to support a concert, seminar, conference, exhibition, etc.

General Endowments

Individual ($10,000)
To provide support for a donor determined program, activity, scholarship or unrestricted support.