The Office of Development mission is to unite university aspirations and donor passions by offering alumni, students and friends meaningful opportunities to be involved in the life of the university. It is our goal to enhance the academic vision and priorities of Kentucky State University through organized fundraising activities and collaboration with the campus community.

Your trust has enabled us to support the university’s growth through establishing scholarships and fellowships, enhancing academic programs and endowments. As a result, the university has been able to continue attracting promising young scholars, propel its academic status and appeal to renowned educators. The impact of your gifts is evident throughout the campus and has touched the lives of our students and faculty.

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Impact Made Easy

Many people believe they cannot make a difference in a campaign. However, the chart below is an illustration of just how easy it really is.

Total Campaign Gift Per Year Per Quarter Per Month
$10,000 $2,000 $500 $166.66
$5,000 $1,000 $250 $83.33
$2,500 $500 $125 $41.66
$2,000 $400 $100 $33.33
$1,500 $300 $75 $25
$1,250 $250 $62.50 $20.83

These amounts are based on a five-year campaign commitment.