Name: Sydney Hart

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Classification: Graduating Senior

Major: Mass Communications

 Why Kentucky State?

When deciding on colleges, initially, I did not want to attend an HBCU. After visiting KSU, however, I felt a family atmosphere that was similar to home. The campus is small and welcoming, with smiles everywhere. The faculty and staff had a genuine care for me. The marching band was another huge reason I decided to attend, knowing that I wanted to dance. Seeing the amazing halftime shows, I knew I had to be out there on that field. Going into my fourth and final year at KSU, I know my decision was worth it.

What is your major and why did you choose this area of study?

My major is Mass Communications with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism. I knew media was the field for me after taking courses in high school. The feeling of creating something and having an audience view, appreciate and want to see it again is one I wanted to have over and over in life. I have also loved theatre, film and television all my life and knew Mass Communications was where all my loves could intertwine.

Who inspires you and why?

My mother inspires me constantly. This past February, she passed, but her words of wisdom, determination and humble spirit is a constant reminder to never stop and always press towards my goals. My family has been a cornerstone in my life, and if I can make them proud, I’ve done my due diligence.

What do you plan to do when you graduate?

Following graduation, I hope to either head into the workforce for television and film, attend graduate school for screenwriting. I’ve entered this institution and learned so much. I am more than prepared to go out and serve this world to the best of my ability with the skills I’ve gained.

Words to live by:

“When we speak, we are afraid our words will not be heard nor welcomed, but, when we are silent we are still afraid. So, it is better to speak, knowing that we were never meant to survive.”

-Audre Lorde