1. Reread and follow each syllabus thoroughly to prepare for finals exams & final papers.

2. Fully complete and turn in any missing work, papers or assignments (every point counts).

3. Use resources at Blazer Library for writing papers and doing research. Click here for library hours.

4. Get tutoring in the ACE office to prep for finals in the Hill Student Center, room 110.

5. Meet with all of your professors about turning in missing assignments, extra credit or prepping for upcoming exams and research papers

6. Don’t procrastinate. Study and prepare for your exams ahead of time (do it right now).

7. Do not miss any class sessions or arrive late to any of your classes, from now until the end of the semester.

8. Partner with friends or classmates and hold each other accountable for studying and completing assignments.

9. Do not study or type papers while lying in bed. Have someone with a knack for writing review your papers for editing of punctuation, grammar and formatting.

10. Turn off your phone completely when studying and writing research papers.

Forward the above tips to a friend and finish strong.