On March 26 through April 6, employees will have an opportunity to meet with an independent representative of National Life Group (NLG).

NLG is now setting one-on-one appointments between March 26 and April 6. To set up an appointment, please email shawn@403bservices.com with the date and time that works best for you.

The appointment will take about 30 minutes and employees will receive:

  • A free analysis of current KRS benefits, including projected estimated income at the time of retirement and years of service needed to retire with benefits.
  • How to enroll in a 403(b) retirement savings plan (can be done the same day).
  • What the benefits of a 403(b) are and how to receive a five-percent bonus accumulation value on each contribution made in the first 10 policy years.
  • Find out how to receive a guaranteed income for life.
  • Find out how to roll over a previous 401k or IRA to build on the progress already made.

For additional information, contact representative Levi Lascsak at levi@lascsakconsulting.com.