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The regulations published in the Kentucky State University Academic Catalog are a digest of the rules of the institution. Changes may be made in the regulations at any time to promote the best interests of the university and its students. Students are responsible for knowing the published regulations, policies, and standards of the university and of their college or school.

Advanced Placement Program

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is offered in participating high schools across the country. High school students should consult with their guidance counselor or principal regarding the availability of AP courses in their school, how to register for them, and AP testing schedules and fees.

Currently, Kentucky State University awards semester credit hours for those AP examinations that have equivalent courses offered by KSU. (Some examinations provide credit for two courses.) Code 1368 should be used by the examinee to have the University designated as an AP examination score recipient.

The University courses for which Advanced Placement Program credit is given, plus the appropriate AP examination for each and the minimum score required to receive University credit are provided below:

Examination Minimum ScoreKSU CourseCredit Hours
Art History 3ART 201, 2026
Art Studio: Drawing3 ART 1103
Art Studio: 2D Design3ART 112 3
Art Studio: 3D Design3ART 1133
Biology 3BIO 1013
Biology 4BIO 1114
Mathematics: Calculus AB3MAT 1315
Mathematics: Calculus BC3MAT 131, 13210
Chemistry3CHE 101,1104
Chemistry 4CHE 101,110, 102,1208
Chinese Language and Culture3Elective 3
Computer Science (A) 3COS 1084
Economics: Macro3ECO 2023
Economics: Micro 3ECO 2013
English Language and Composition3ENG 101 3
English Language and Composition4ENG 101, 1026
English Literature and Composition3ENG 1013
English Literature and Composition4ENG 101, 2116
Environmental Science 3BIO 1033
European History3HIS 1033
French Language3FRE 101 3
French Language4FRE 101, 1026
German Language3Elective3
German Language4Elective 6
Government and Politics: Comparative 3Elective3
U.S. Government & Politics3POS 1013
Human Geography3GEO 1023
Italian Language and Culture3ITA 1013
Italian Language and Culture4ITA 101, 1024
Italian Language and Culture3SPA 1713
Japanese Language and Culture4JPN 171, 1726
Latin: Virgil3HON 141, 1426
Music Theory 3MUS 112, 1134
Physics B3PHY 207 or PHY 2088
Physics C: Electricity & Magneticism3PHY 2125
Physics C: Mechanics3PHY 2115
Psychology 3PSY 2003
Russian Language and Culture3Elective3
Russian Language and Culture4Elective 6
Spanish Language3SPA 101, 1026
Spanish Language 4SPA 201, 2026
Math: Statistics3Elective 3
U.S. History 3HIS 2013
U.S. History 4HIS 201, 2026
World History3HIS 1033