Bulletin of Record

  • Upon admission to a graduate program, the catalog of record is considered the Graduate Bulletin in effect at the time of initial enrollment.
  • A degree-seeking student can request to change his/her Catalog of Record for the major to a subsequent edition if the major requirements change after a student declares a major.  A written request to change the Catalog of Record must be submitted to his/her advisor for approval and forwarded to the Office of Graduate Studies and the Office of the University Registrar.
  • If  a  student  completes  a  degree,  either undergraduate   or   graduate   degree,  at KSU, admission to another graduate program requires that the catalog of record become the Graduate Bulletin in effect at the time of enrollment into the new graduate program.
  • A student who changes from non-degree status to degree-seeking status must meet the requirements as published in the Catalog in effect at the time the student becomes degree-seeking.
  • A student pursuing a curriculum leading to certification or licensure must meet the curriculum requirements in effect at the time he/she graduates.