Academic Requirements for Graduation

  • Students  must  submit  a  completed  graduate application for a degree to their graduate program according to the prescribed schedule in the Academic Calendar.   No late applications will be accepted. Students must submit a new application for a degree if they have been unsuccessful with a graduation attempt.  A non- refundable graduation fee is assessed each time a student applies for graduation.
  • Each   graduate   program   has   specific requirements for a student to complete in order to be awarded a master’s degree.  These may include qualifying examinations, a thesis, a capstone course, or other professional activity. These are usually completed during the final stages of the graduate program.   Consult the requirement sections in the respective graduate program descriptions.
  • Grades below “C”  may  not  be presented for master’s degree  graduation  credit,  nor  shall graduation be approved for students with grade- point averages below 3.0.   Students may not graduate with more than 6 semester credit hours of courses with a grade of “C” or below.  This regulation does not apply when a grade of “C” has been superseded by successful completion (grade of “B” or better) of a particular course at a later date.
  • A  minimum  of  30  graduate  semester  credit hours is required for the awarding of a master’s degree.  The master’s degree program must be completed within six years of initial enrollment as a degree seeking graduate student.   Some programs   require   degree  completion   within fewer years of initial enrollment.