The Graduate Residency Requirement for Graduation stipulates that no program may allow more than one-third of the required credits to be transferred in from another institution.

Graduate Residency Requirements for Graduation

With the exception of approved transfer credits and approved credits taken as visiting students in accredited graduate programs, all graduate course credits must be completed at Kentucky State University. Each graduate program determines the graduate transfer credit that will be accepted toward graduate degree requirements. Please consult the individual program descriptions. However, be aware that no program may allow more than one-third of the required credits to be transferred into the KSU graduate program.

Any credits transferred in must be from a regionally accredited US institution or an officially recognized degree granting international institution. In the case of transferring credit from an international institution, official copies of evaluation and translation of the transcript must be sent directly by an accredited evaluation and translation agency to the office of the Graduate Studies at Kentucky State University.

The graduate student requesting transfer credit must submit a written request to the Coordinator of the graduate program in which the student is enrolled. Certain courses submitted for transfer may not be considered equivalent to specified program requirements even if course titles are the same. Therefore, the appropriate course syllabi and official copies of transcripts must be submitted and evaluated before any transfer credit request can be approved.

The request for transfer credit must be approved by the Graduate Program Coordinator, the Chair of the Department for the program, and finally by the Director of Graduate Studies.

Approved February 15, 2016 by the Kentucky State University Faculty Senate