Grading System

Information regarding grading policies is available from the Office of Academic Affairs and in the course syllabus for each course.   All policies established by academic units and/or by course instructors must be in compliance with policies outlined below.

  • A course instructor will issue a final grade at the conclusion of the course for each student officially registered for the course.  The course instructor remains the sole person responsible for issuing a final course grade.
  • In the event an instructor becomes incapacitated or otherwise is unable to issue course grades, the  chair  of  the  academic  unit  will  be responsible for issuing final course grades.
  • Only final grades specified below may be issued.
  • Instructors  are  to  report  final  grades  to  the Office of the University Registrar in accordance with the procedures and deadlines required by the University.  Only the Office of the University Registrar has authority to issue official final grades.

All policies established by academic units and/or by course instructors must be in compliance with policies outlined below:


GradeGrade DescriptionComments
AExcellentfour quality points per semester credit hour
BGoodthree quality points per semester credit hour
CNot Satisfactory For Graduate Worktwo quality points per semester credit hour
DPoorone quality point per semester credit hour (Some graduate programs do not award the grade of D)
FFailurezero quality points, zero credit
NThe grade of "N" indicates that a research project, thesis, or other special project has not been completed at the end of the term. The grade is only to be used in cases where the work is ongoing. It is not a substitute for an "I" and does not convert to a credit bearing grade until the final grade is submitted by the instructor. The grade of "N" can only be used in 700 - level courses. With approval of the program faculty and Graduate Council, a 600 - level course may be allowed to use the "N" grade if the course spans more than one semester and the request is made prior to the term in which the course is initiated. The grade of "N" is excluded from the GPA tabulation. A student cannot guarantee until all "N" grades have been converted to regular letter grades or the appropriate retroactive course withdrawal has been approved. The grade must be converted before the expiration of the time limit for completion of the graduate degree.
IIncomplete(1) A grade of "I" is to be assigned only for an unforeseen and extraordinary circumstance or situation which would have prohibited a student from completing a minor part of a course requirement, such as the final exam, one major exam, completion of a term paper or class project, or part of the requirements of a laboratory, and the student has made a request to the instructor prior to the end of the term. In some cases, a grade of "I" can be assigned when the course constitutes an "I" based on accrediting or certification requirements. (2) A grade of "I" may not be assigned as a substitute for a "C," "D," or an "F." (3) An Incomplete earned in any given term (summer session/semester) must be removed by the end of the eighth week of classes during the next regular academic semester; otherwise, the "I" will be changed automatically to a grade of "F." (4) When the grade of "I" is assigned, the instructor shall provide a detailed description of the work to be completed by the student to the Dean/Chair . The Dean/Chair shall retain a copy of this document. The instructor shall forward a copy to the student and retain a copy in the unit file. (5) The grade of "N" is to be used for graduate level courses requiring a professional project or thesis that requires more time to complete than one term. The grade of "I" is not to be used in this circumstance. Incompletes are not included in the grade-point average.
WWithdrawalA withdrawal can only be entered for students who withdraw prior to the end of the tenth full week of classes during a semester, or before two-thirds of the instructional days of the summer session; not included in grade-point average.

AUAuditThe grading option of audit must be selected no later than the end of late registration and must be indicated on either the student’s registration or add/drop form. Audited courses do not count toward the total number of hours nor in computing a GPA.

Repeat Option

A graduate student has the option to repeat any completed course.  Only the highest grade will be used in computing the student’s academic standing and credit for graduation.  The original grades for all repeated classes will remain on the transcript with the notation “excluded from GPA.”  A student may repeat a given course a maximum of two times.  The repeat option only applies to an identical course (including a cross- listed course) and not a course substitute.

Time Limitations for Grade Changes

All grade changes must be processed within one semester from the time the original grade was recorded. These grade changes will be permitted only when there was an error in recording or calculating the grade.