Master’s Degree Program

A master’s degree program is a planned and approved program of study leading to graduation with a master’s degree.   Each master’s degree program requires at least 30 graduate semester credit hours and no more than 45 graduate semester credit hours.    The master’s degree program must be completed within six years of initial enrollment as a degree seeking graduate student.  Some programs require  degree  completion  within  fewer  years of initial enrollment.

The Area of Specialization

Graduate programs may consist of a core program of study within the academic unit as well as required additional  study  in  one  or  more  areas  of specialization   selected   from   options   within   or related to the discipline.  The area of specialization shall consist of a minimum of nine (9) graduate semester credit   hours   and   a  maximum   of   twelve (12)  graduate semester credit hours.

Prerequisites and Support Courses

A graduate program may identify and require graduate and/or undergraduate courses as are justified for proper completion of the graduate program.  Courses may be from within the discipline (prerequisites) or  from  other disciplines (prerequisites or support courses). Such credits thus required may not be included in the graduate semester  credit  hours  required  for  degree completion.  Please consult the requirements of the program for these limitations.

The limitations in the definitions may be modified to meet accreditation, licensing, and/or certification requirements.