Kentucky State University offers preparatory programs for students intending to enter the fields of medicine, dentistry, law, engineering, optometry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, community health, cytotechnology, clinical laboratory sciences, nuclear medicine technology, and physical therapy.  Most of these programs are housed in various divisions of the College of Professional Studies.  The requirements for a pre-law curriculum can be fulfilled by a strong major, such as English or Political Science, which are housed in the College of Arts & Sciences.  In addition to preparing students for entrance into the professional schools of their choice, Kentucky residents attending Kentucky State University and meeting certain requirements, will be eligible for three percent of the openings annually at Kentucky’s publicly-supported law schools.  Students interested in entering law school should contact the University’s pre-law advisors in the College Arts & Sciences.  Information regarding veterinary medicine may be found in the section of this Bulletin describing the Division of Mathematics and Sciences.