Kentucky State University is the Commonwealth’s unique public liberal studies institution.

Liberal studies comprise the traditional subjects of the arts and sciences, such as mathematics, poetry, history, politics, literature, languages, fine arts, philosophy, psychology, chemistry, and economics.  Subject matter alone, however, exhausts neither the meaning of liberal studies nor of a liberal studies education.  A liberal studies education and preparation for a career or a profession are obviously not mutually exclusive.  Whether one is a pre-engineering or an English major, a pre-medical or pre-law student, a computer science student or someone interested in a career in teacher education or business management, Kentucky State University best serves those students, who, regardless of their long-range goals, seek to think for themselves.  Such students are those who wish to think clearly, to argue persuasively, to write with clarity and liveliness, and to gain both a cultural and historical perspective on the human experience as well as an in-depth knowledge in at least one area of human thought.  Liberal studies spark curiosity and broaden vision.  Liberal studies education provides the tools by which people come to understand the world, one another, and themselves.

In short, liberal studies develop independent and critical thinking.  More critical than the development of specialized skills, the development of independent thinking is the foundation for personal growth.  The possession of specific skills, however important they may be, is insufficient if one is unable to confront life changes with resourcefulness and clarity of thought.  Job skills change with the passing of time and the shifting demands of industry; however, the ability to think for oneself is the governing resource of truly educated individuals.