Course descriptions are listed alphabetically by subject prefix.  Each course description begins with a three letter subject prefix followed by a three – digit course number and the course title. The number on the right of each course description gives the semester credit hours for that course. If a course includes laboratory or other special activities, that information is contained in the course description.  Prerequisites are also listed. A prerequisite is a course, experience, or other required preparation that must be completed before the student is permitted to enroll in the course.

Subject Prefix and Course NumberCourse NameSemester Credit HoursCourse DescriptionCross Listed CoursePrerequisite
SPE 101Oral Communication3An introduction to structured oral communication,
concentration on the development and delivery of informative messages.
Not ApplicablePlacement required concurrently with ENG 103 and ENG 099.
SPE 103Interpersonal Communication3The verbal and non-verbal aspects of human communication.
Emphasis is placed on roles played by
self-esteem, perception, trust, conflict, language, values, etc.
Not ApplicableNot Applicable
SPE 200Public Speaking3Deals with the preparation,
delivery, and evaluation of speeches. Emphasis is
placed upon the impromptu, the extemporaneous, and
the written speech.
Not ApplicableSPE 103
SPE 201Group Discussion and Debate3The theory and practice of small and large group discussion, and formal and informal debate strategies,
emphasizing the individual’s role within the group and
on debate.
Not ApplicableNot Applicable
SPE 302Interracial/Intercultural Communication3 The study of communication
strategies in different cultural and racial groups.
Not ApplicableSPE 103
SPE 304Oral Interpretation3Designed to equip the student with techniques for effective oral interpretation of
such literature as the Bible, the Classics, dramatic literature,
and poetry.
Not ApplicableSPE 103
SPE 310Persuasive Speaking3The study of the rhetorical aspects of speech in persuasive styles. Emphasis is
placed on gathering, structuring, and orally presenting persuasive data.
Not ApplicableSPE 103
SPE 315Voice and Diction3A basic course offered to acquaint
the student with the social, physiological, psychological,
phonetic, and linguistic bases of speech
Not ApplicableSPE 200
SPE 401Institutional Communication3Designed to acquaint
the students with organizational structures and
how they develop internal and external communication
Not ApplicableConsent of faculty
SPE 402Public Relations3Study of public relations
concepts. Students are given the opportunity to
practice public relations theory in a variety of activities and organizations.
Not ApplicableConsent of faculty