Course descriptions are listed alphabetically by subject prefix.  Each course description begins with a three letter subject prefix followed by a three – digit course number and the course title. The number on the right of each course description gives the semester credit hours for that course. If a course includes laboratory or other special activities, that information is contained in the course description.  Prerequisites are also listed.  A prerequisite is a course, experience, or other required preparation that must be completed before the student is permitted to enroll in the course.

Subject Prefix and Course NumberCourse NameSemester Credit HoursCourse DescriptionCross Listed CoursePrerequisite
JOU 205Introduction to Sports
3Introductory course for students
interested in sports communications.
Not Applicable ENG 102
JOU 250Race, Class, and Gender in the Media3This course will examine depictions of race, class, and gender through the lens of the media. Media is one of our society's most influential and pervasive structures. Students will apply critical theory approaches to TV, film, magazine, music, and advertising to examine how stereotypes are created, facilitated, and challenged via the media.Not ApplicableNot Applicable
JOU 251Evolution of Journalism3This course will examine the evolution of journalism from its origins to the present digital age. A combination of theoretical concepts and projects will help students explore journalism's importance to democracy, education, and entertainment.Not ApplicableNot Applicable
JOU 252 African American Media3This course offers students an in-depth examination of African-American media from early newspapers to present digital outlets. Students will explore persuasive strategies used by African American media to depict images of race and class in society.Not ApplicableNot Applicable
JOU 253The Media in Film3An exploration of the media world (including journalism, public relations, and advertising) depicted through a rotating selection of films and television. This course will begin by examining theories used in the scholarly analysis of film. A mixed analysis of form, style, technique, audience, and authorship will be used to assess how realistically the industry is portrayed through film.Not Applicable Not Applicable
JOU 302Student Media Workshop I3This course provides instruction in the editing, layout and design of print, web, and multimedia publications through work on student media (such as the newspaper, The Thorobred News, or the TV program, "KSU Kickdown"). Students work as reporters, editors, photographers, videographers, and graphic designers for campus media productions. Not ApplicableJOU 361 or consent of instructor
JOU 361Journalism II3Students will be taught to
gather, analyze, organize and communicate information
concisely, accurately, quickly and understandably
for newspapers, the electronic media and other informational
Not ApplicableENG 204
JOU 362News Editing3Practice
in evaluating the quality and effectiveness of a
news story and in editing news copy for correct
grammar and Associated Press style.
Not ApplicableJOU 361 or consent of instructor
JOU 363Magazine and Features Writing3This course provides instruction and practical experience in researching, writing, and marketing feature articles for print or online magazine publication.Not ApplicableJOU 361
JOU 364Desktop/Web Publishing
3Instruction in using desktop publishing programs
to produce newsletters and flyers and using
HTML editor programs and FTP clients to publish
materials on the Internet.
Not ApplicableJOU 361 and ART 307 or consent of instructor
JOU 365Advanced Public Affairs Reporting
3Intense study of and reporting about public agencies,
specifically local, state, and federal governmental agencies.
Not ApplicableNot Applicable
JOU 366Seminar in Public Relations3Intense study of the principles and practices
of public relations.
Not ApplicableJOU 361 and JOU 362 or instructor’s
JOU 367Television and Radio Production3Teaches
basic skills for television and radio production, and
how to use them as tools of broadcast journalism.
Not ApplicableJOU 361 or instructor’s consent
JOU 370Public Relations Campaigns3Study
of PR case studies leading to practical experience in a
real PR campaign for a rural, corporate or non-profit environment.
Not ApplicableJOU 365 or instructor’s consent
JOU 371Public Events Planning3Study of
cases leading to the development of a special event for
an organization associated with rural, corporate or
non-profit environment.
Not ApplicableJOU 365 or instructor’s consent
JOU 372Television & Radio Production II3Advanced course for television
and radio broadcasting. This course is designed to
provide advanced broadcast journalism students with
hands-on training in production, writing and editing
for radio and television.
Not ApplicableJOU 367
JOU 373Broadcast Announcing 3This course provides hands-on instruction in writing and reading scripts for television and radio. Students are exposed to different types of broadcast announcing including anchoring for news, music, and video, and play-by-play sports announcing. Not ApplicableJOU 367 or SPE 200
JOU 375Advertising Seminar3An in-depth exploration of advertising across various media platforms, including print, broadcast, outdoor, and online (including social media). Students will get hands-on practice in the agency/production side of advertising theory, using creative practices to design strategic messages. In addition, historical, social, and ethical dimensions of advertising will be explored.Not ApplicableJOU 204 or consent of instructor
JOU 401Special Topics in Print Journalism3In-depth
study and practice in specialty fields of journalism.
Regularly rotating topics to include Agricultural
Journalism, Environmental Reporting, and Covering Culture and the Arts.
Not ApplicableJOU 361 or consent of instructor
JOU 402Student Media Workshop II3This course provides advanced instruction and experience in the editing, layout, and design of print and web publications through work done on the student newspaper, Thorobred News. Students are expected to take leadership roles on the newspaper staff reporters, editors, photographers and graphic designers and in training newer staff members in the basics of newspaper production.Not ApplicableJOU 302 or consent of instructor
JOU 422Advanced Digital Photojournalism3This is an advanced course in photojournalism utilizing digital cameras and production in a Macintosh environment. This course will examine the current state of photojournalism, including industry trends, noteworthy photojournalists, and emerging technology. Not ApplicableJOU 322
JOU 425Communication Research Methods3This course is an introduction to the foundational concepts, theories, methods, and instruments used in communications research. This course will cover both quantitative and qualitative methodologies used in social sciences research. Project presentation and results analysis will also be studied to prepare students for communicating and interpreting results.Not ApplicableMAT 111 or higher
JOU 434Practicum in Print Journalism3Work as a
reporter editor in a supervised role at a newspaper or
magazine; 230 total work hours for 3 semester hours
Not ApplicableJOU 362 or consent of instructor, and
junior standing (60 earned credit hours)
JOU 435Practicum in Broadcast
3Work as a
reporter or editor in a supervised role at a broadcast
medium; 230 hours work for 3 academic credit hours.
Not ApplicableJunior standing (60 credit hours) and
either JOU 367 or Instructor’s Consent.
JOU 436Practicum in Public Relations3Work as a PR
practitioner in a supervised role in a public relations
environment; 230 total work hours for 3 semester credit
Not ApplicableJOU 365 or instructor’s consent, and
junior standing (60 earned credit hours).