The  Honors Program  is  an  integrated  liberal  arts program that emphasizes student discussion of excellent books.  The freshman and sophomore courses permit students to complete their University liberal studies requirements through the Honors Program.  The junior and senior courses allow students to major or minor in Liberal Studies.

The curriculum in the Whitney Young School of Honors and Liberal Studies is unique; there is no other quite like it in any public university in the nation.  The Director  of  the  National  Endowment  for  the Humanities designated the Whitney Young School of Honors and Liberal Studies as one of the five most innovative and promising liberal studies programs in the nation.  It is one of twenty-three honors programs in the United States listed as an honors college by the National Collegiate Honors Council and has the second largest number of faculty among these honors colleges.  The Whitney Young School of Honors and Liberal Studies is committed   to   offering   a   stimulating,   high   quality, rigorous undergraduate education in liberal studies, preparing students for professional study in law, medicine, the ministry, or graduate school.  Graduates of this program have gone on into education, business, computer science, law, and many other fields.   Beyond questions of education for a career, the Whitney Young School of Honors and Liberal Studies program develops skills of thinking and imagining that will help students deal with the fundamental questions of human existence, regardless of their career goals.

Thus, in the common course of studies required of all students, the emphasis is on the careful reading and discussion of many of the most important books in literature,  history,  philosophy,  theology,  mathematics, and sciences.  Classes are small.  Students learn to read critically, to speak precisely, to write effectively, and to listen attentively by being required to use some or all of these skills daily.  The curriculum is designed not only to help students know, but to help them develop the skills they will need as they take their places in the adult world and  in  the  worlds  of  the  various  professions.    The honors faculty, housed in the Whitney Young School, are  hired  and  evaluated  specifically  for  their demonstrated ability to teach in a great books curriculum that crosses traditional academic boundaries.

While the Whitney Young School of Honors and Liberal Studies is related to other ?great books? programs throughout the country in its basic orientation, the curriculum at Kentucky State University is not a pale copy of ideas developed at private universities.   The courses and curriculum in the School have been developed   and   adapted   to   take   advantage   of   the particular conditions at Kentucky State University, and this  development  is  an  ongoing  process.    Class  size ranges from 10 to 15 in honors courses.

Whitney  Young  School  of  Honors  and  Liberal Studies students take part in all activities of the University, such as social and academic clubs, student government, choir, band, and intramural/intercollegiate athletics.    Students have an opportunity to put the leadership skills that they learn in classes to practical use by serving on the Whitney Young Student Council.  The Council was originally created by student initiative and organizes service and social events and acts as a forum for student suggestions and concerns.

The Honors Program offers an entire liberal studies core for freshmen and sophomores.   Students who complete  the  honors  core may opt for an honors associate of arts in liberal studies degree.  The Honors Program also offers an honors bachelor of liberal studies degree and liberal studies minor.

Curriculum Guides

Curriculum guides are designed to help students stay on track for timely graduation.  In order to remain on track, students must complete the minimum requirements for each tracking semester, known as milestones.  Milestones may include successful completion of specified courses and/or attainment of a minimum GPA.

Following the sample academic plan and its milestones will help students stay on track to graduate in four years. Students will need to refer to and/or print both the appropriate Liberal Studies Requirements AND the appropriate major sheet in order to view the complete degree program requirements.

Program Requirements

To satisfy the requirements for the Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies through the general liberal studies core option, a student must complete a minimum of 60 semester credit hours. The required courses are ART 130 or MUS 130; BIO 101; ECO 200 or POS 101; ENG101, 102, and 211; 6 semester credit hours of foreign language; HED 221 or PHE Activity Courses; HIS 103, IGS 200 and 201; MAT 111; PHI 200; PSY 200 or SOC203; SPE 103; 10semester credit hours of advised electives at the 100/200 level; and 3 semester credit hours of natural science selected from BIO 112, CHE 109, PHY111, and PHS 201.

With the exception of the 10 semester credit hours of advised electives, all courses in the Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Studies through the general liberal studies core option are defined as major area courses, and all academic requirements for graduation are applicable as defined in this Bulletin.