The Business Administration program with a specialization in General Business is designed to provide students a broad scope of various areas of business  so  that  students  can  develop  an understanding and appreciation of the business world and its relationship to the global economy and society.


This program provides a broad business background for those interested in conceiving, initiating and developing new business ventures.  Graduates would develop the analytical, writing, speaking and observation   skills   along   with   the   confidence   to become small business owners, entrepreneurs and consultants.  The curriculum also has enough elective hours for students who may be interested in double majors (specialization).

Students pursuing a B.A. in Business Administration must complete a total of 120 semester  hours distributed as follows:

  • 42 hours of Liberal Studies courses
  • 51   hours   of   Business   Common   Professional Component courses
  • 24 hours of Business Specialization courses
  • 3 hours of electives

Non-business majors taking a minor in business may  satisfy  the  prerequisite  for  ECO  202 by completing ECO 200 rather than ECO 201, if ECO  200  was  taken  prior  to  applying  for  a business minor.  However, students are encouraged to select ECO 201 instead of ECO 200.

All prerequisites for School of Business courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher before  attempting  subsequent  business  courses. All School of Business courses must be completed with a grade of  “C” or higher.

Students are provided the opportunity to participate in experiential educational programs either as a cooperative, or in an internship work endeavor. Students are assigned individual advisors/mentors to guide them through the general business curriculum and to assist them in fulfilling their career goals and objectives.   The School of Business, in partnership with regional businesses and state government, offers dynamic internships, where students gain invaluable real-world experiences while earning college credits.

Curriculum Guides

Curriculum guides are designed to help students stay on track for timely graduation.  In order to remain on track, students must complete the minimum requirements for each tracking semester, known as milestones.  Milestones may include successful completion of specified courses and/or attainment of a minimum GPA.

Following the sample academic plan and its milestones will help students stay on track to graduate in four years. Students will need to refer to and/or print both the appropriate Liberal Studies Requirements AND the appropriate major sheet in order to view the complete degree program requirements.

Program Requirements

  • ECO 329:  International Economics
  • MGT 433:  Human Resource Management
  • MGT 465:  Entrepreneurship
  • Professional Electives (15 hours)*

* May be an internship or international experience in Business or a level 300 course or higher selected from these prefixes: ACC, ECO, MGT, MIS, or MKT.