Dr. Anne S. Butler, 64, of Frankfort, renowned African American and Kentucky historian, passed away May 3, 2013 at her home.  A Kentucky native born in Lincoln County, Stanford, Dr. Butler was widely respected for her service, scholarship and passion for her ground-breaking work in presenting, preserving local and national African American history and contribution. Her service career spanned a period of 44 years in higher education, early childhood education, community engagement and outreach.

Since 1996, Dr. Butler distinctively served in two key posts at Kentucky State University, most recently as the Director of Regional Stewardship and Public Engagement and founding Director of the KSU, Center of Excellence for the Study of African Americans (CESKAA).   She was a popular lecturer, frequently consulted by the media. She participated in numerous television documentaries including ESPN’s The Great Black Jockeys, The Underground Railroad in Kentucky, Kentucky Women and Public Service, and The African Presence in Kentucky.