The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) at Kentucky State University welcomes you to view some of the current successes of KSU faculty, staff, and students in obtaining and executing awards from government and private sources that are provided in this Capability document. These high quality innovative research activities help to provide essential support for the sustenance and growth of the university while discovering ways that lead to a better quality of life through domestic and international activities and thus providing a better way forward for faculty, staff, students, and community through scholarly activities within the innovative research enterprise at KSU. External funding has allowed KSU to collaborate on national and international levels to provide technical assistance and varied outreach activities through cost-effective research. KSU and its Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is committed to research and the role it plays in fulfilling the university’s educational mission and correlates its activities with the university’s focus on research, teaching, and public service.


Derrick C. Gilmore