Notification of a sponsored program award to the University may be an award letter, a purchase order, a detailed contract, or an agreement detailing the terms and conditions of the award.

The notification of award goes to the Director for Research, Grants, and Sponsored Programs.  If award notices (or letters of decline) are sent directly from the funding agency to the Principal Investigator or other University officials, originals should be forwarded to OSP.

Upon receipt of an award, the Director of OSP will consult with the Principal Investigator and determine if KSU will accept the award and submit it for signature by the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR), and the Director of OSP by signing the appropriate acceptance documents, then requesting that OSP execute and transmit the appropriate acceptance documents to the sponsor on behalf of the University.  The timeframe for the compliance review and execution by OSP and the Office of General Counsel are estimated to be three businesses days.

Awards for proposals that did not undergo the normal internal processing, review, and approval through OSP may be refused by the University. In all cases the University is not obligated to accept such an award.  OSP Request For Budget Establishment Form