The Kentucky State Professional Travel Fund (KSPTF) is a scholarly travel award program designed to provide support to University faculty members, staff and students engaged in professional development and research activities. The University recognizes the importance of faculty members being given the opportunity to interact with an active community of scholars and researchers as a means of maintaining a high level of academic competency and growth.  Kentucky State encourages travel to professional, educational, and scientific meetings, conferences, and workshops for the purpose of professional development which will be of benefit to both the individual and the University.  Resources to support professional development are centralized at the University through the Kentucky State Professional Travel Fund (KSPTF).  The fund is limited to full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty members, and individuals who hold full-time research appointments at the University.  Funding is not available for adjunct, emeritus/ae faculty or rehired retirees. Staff members and students applying for funds must be full-time students (or full-time equivalent).

Eligible individuals may be awarded one grant per academic year.  The award is contingent upon the recommendation of the KSPTF Review Committee.  Awards may not exceed $3,000.  Retroactive funding will NOT be considered. The dates of travel must occur after the award notification date.

KSPTF awards may be used for airfare, reimbursement of automobile mileage, conference registration fees, taxis, trains, buses, subways, business telephone calls, business expenses, toll road charges, parking charges, meals, and lodging in accordance with University and State policies.  Payment of association dues cannot be supported by KSPTF funds.

Application Process
The applicant must submit a completed application to the department chairperson.  Upon approval at the department level, the application is forwarded to the KSPTF Review Committee. Upon the review by the KSPTF Review Committee, the decision is communicated to the Provost, who then informs the applicant of the decision.

Awardees’ Responsibilities
KSPTF award recipients must:

  • Promptly complete all forms and reports designated by the University;
  • Duplicate conference presentation (research presentation, etc.) in an on-campus public forum; and
  • Provide written document for publication in an annual KSPTF Awards Update

Online Application