Writing Support

Are you having trouble starting or experiencing writer’s block? Join us for a four part writing workshop that helps you with the writing process from beginning to end. Peer tutors will lead these interactive sessions.

Workshop #1:  Pre-Writing

  • Generating ideas
  • Formulating research questions
  • Brainstorming
  • Finding research

Workshop #2:  Thesis Development and Outlining

  • Stating arguments clearly
  • Arguing examples effectively
  • Acknowledging counter arguments

Workshop #3:  Editing and Revising

  • Finding common errors
  • Cleaning up sentence structures
  • Checking the logic of your argument

Workshop #4:  Citation and Formatting

  • Plagiarism (Why you have to cite?)
  • Styles different disciplines use
  • Resources
  • APA, MLA, and Chicago
WorkshopDay/DateLocationStart Times
Thesis Development and Outlining
Thesis Development and Outlining
Editing and Revising
Editing and Revising
Citation and Formatting
Citation and Formatting
Citation and Formatting