The EXCEL Connection Dual Admission Degree Program is a program offered to first time freshmen. Upon admittance into Kentucky State University students will complete the liberal arts core curriculum and be awarded an Associates degree. Following completion of the Associates degree, students continue at their junior year  to work towards the completion of their Bachelor degree. What’s better than 1 degree? TWO!!

Congratulations again on your EXCEL journey! Included in your experience is participant orientation, mandatory study hours and success workshops.

  1. You must attend the fall participant orientation. Each fall, each student is required to attend the program orientation, which outlines the student contract, student support services and a progress update/guide to help you to effectively plan for the next two years.
  2. You must attend mandatory study hours at the Thorobred Learning Center weekly. Our institutional data suggests that students that visit TLC 3 more or times per semester outperform their peers who never visit the center. It’s in your best interest to visit the center often and early!
  3. You must attend a series of prescribed student success workshops. These workshops will focus on time management, course engagement, and study strategies to help you persist from an associate’s degree seeking student to a bachelor’s degree candidate. Every student has the capacity to learn, but with coaching, can go from good to great! That’s the nature of the program, to help you excel and reach new heights!
  4. Please understand that as an associate’s degree seeking student, there are guidelines to university participation, i.e. students in our program are not eligible for D-2 athletic participation.

For more information on the Excel Program...

Christina Caul-Jackson
Director of Academic Support
Student Center – Thorobred Learning Center, Suite 110