As each student begins their college journey, it is our hope that they will find that the transition to this new experience is a rewarding opportunity to learn and grow.  This guide allows you to see step by step what each student’s experience consist of, and the role University College plays as we help each student see their success.

The University College at Kentucky State University has the singular mission to provide a series of programs, services, and curriculum to promote and support the academic success of the university’s first year students.   University College is an interdisciplinary, collaborative unit that houses a group of closely related offices offering student-centered programs and services that enhance students’ exploration, engagement, and success. With its outcome-oriented philosophy, University College will provide seamless, robust, focused, and comprehensive educational support.  By fostering productive academic habits for students through academic advising, academic support, and first year experience programs, University College will effectively and rapidly increase the likelihood for first-year students’ academic success and retention. University College will strengthen students’ academic foundations, so they can confidently and successfully progress toward their declaration of academic majors, and toward degree completion.


University College consists of the following units: