The new Associate Provost was charged with initiating a program for the University that would:
1. Establish a centralized location for plans, programs, and activities that include extension activities in Frankfort city and the Frankfort area.

2. Augment the University’s community relations role in Frankfort and the Commonwealth.

3. Support the University’s brand by deepening business and educational relationships with additional Frankfort businesses and government agencies.

4. Support the University’s goals 2 and 3 by establishing a unit that provides financial returns to the University

5. Support the University’s other strategic goals by enhancing the impact of the University in the community, thus, improving student enrollment and the quality of KSU’s campus life.


Structure of the Unit

The unit promises viability if it efficiently provides a location that thematically unifies currently disparate programs that are located without portfolio and are currently functioning under many different offices. Thematic cohesion and a central management of these and additional new programs will increase the University’s operational efficiency and strategic purpose.

The idea of a center or institute was conceptualized to aid in the umbrella purpose of having similar programs with similar purpose and objectives organized in a cohesive manner and to effectively attract attention to the campus while promoting the activities to the public in order to improve brand awareness.

It was determined that an Institute would serve as the unit.