Kentucky State University’s Donovan Scholarship provides an opportunity for persons aged 65 and older to become students at KSU, and waives tuition and fees for academic university classes.

  • To be eligible you must be 65 years of age or older and a resident of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
  • Acceptance is based upon available space and may require the consent of the instructor or pre-requisites.
  • Donovan Fellows may audit classes (with no exams, papers or other assignments required), take classes for credit but not work toward a degree, or take classes for credit and be a degree candidate.
  • The Donovan Scholar must meet the same admission criteria as any other university student.


Step 1- Apply for admission to the college

Your first step is to complete an admissions application. You can access the application by visiting the Online Admissions Application portal. Should you require accommodations for completing the application, please contact Disability Support Services at (502)597-5076.  Donovan Scholars may apply as degree seeking or non-degree seeking students.  You will select this option on the admissions application.


Step 2- Setup your student account

Once you submit your admissions application, visit User Account Center to create your user profile, obtain your student ID and username, and to set your password. This account will give you access to your student self-service (registration, payments, financial aid, grades, etc.), e-mail, and any online courses you enroll in. Please note that you will not have access to your student email account until after you have registered for classes.


Step 3- Submit documentation

If you believe you may be eligible for the Donovan Scholar waiver, please submit a copy of your driver’s license to the Office of Admissions for verification of age and residency.  If you will be hand-delivering documents after hours, you may submit using the drop box located on the door to the Admissions Office located in room 119 of the Oswald building at the Cooper campus. The drop box is secure and checked daily for submissions.  Students who later decide to become degree-seeking must submit all required documents, such as an official high school transcript or GED transcript, any college transcripts, and any necessary international student documents in order to be admitted as a degree-seeking student.


Step 4- Register for classes

Donovan Scholars are considered non-degree seeking college students. Non-degree seeking students are not required to meet with an academic advisor. Your online portal, available as a link in your mailed acceptance letter, will provide instructions for creating your student account. You will login to your student account to register for classes. For question regarding registering, you will need to contact the Office of Nontraditional Student Education (502)597-5614 or via email at


Step 5- Submit waiver form

Once you are registered for classes your first semester, your waiver will be applied to tuition charges for the current term. Once the waiver has been applied for the current term, you will need to submit the Donovan Scholar Online Waiver Renewal Form each semester after you have enrolled in classes.

For more information, contact:

Ray Jordan
Program Director
Office of Nontraditional Student Education
400 E. Main St
Hathaway Hall #408
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: (502)597-5614