The Office of Educational Support provides strategic coordination of student success services from admission to graduation.  We embody our University’s values of Student Center Philosophy and Nurturing and Supportive Campus Climate by ensuring that our programs, services and activities improve our students’ intellectual, social, and emotional well-being.

We assist the University in achieving its goals of improving student engagement to improve persistence rates and graduation rates by:

  • Delivering quality proactive academic advising and coaching
  • Embedding academic support into high-risk courses to reduce failure rates
  • Helping students achieve academic excellence through the use of metacognitive learning strategies and practical study strategies
  • Empowering 1st and 2nd Year students to over college transition obstacles
  • Engaging students in co-curricular programs and activities
  • Customizing support for various needs and populations
  • Providing early and intrusive support for students showing signs of academic distress.

The Office of Educational Support consists of the following units: