Courseval Portal (former system – Fall 2016)

[Username:  firstname.lastname            Password:  same as campus email]


Viewing Individual Course Reports

As soon as you log in, you are taken to a page listing your courses. The most recent session that you have courses for is selected in the drop-down menu.


1. Click View Results for the course that you would like to review reports for.

**If the View Results button is not shown, the evaluation for that session may still be collecting data or the data has not been released to you yet by your administrator. 

2. Click on a report to view the specific data from that course.

Types of Reports

Quantitative Responses

This is a summary of all responses with a frequency distribution, mean, standard deviation, and count of responses.


Qualitative Responses

This is a summary of all open-ended questions applicable for the course.


Segment Comparison

This report displays a graphical representation of the mean and frequency distribution. A bench marking option is available for the applicable Course, Program, Department, College, or institution-wide mean (these options vary by institution). To customize the comparison displayed select the segment to view in the Your Course Compared to dropdown menu. A count of responses and course sections is then displayed for that segment.

Each question may be expanded to view frequency information. The mean difference displays if the comparison segment is similar, higher, or lower based on a standard deviation bell curve.

Please note that this report only displays questions that have a mean calculated. The report does not identify other faculty or specific courses, just the summary data.




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