The Biology program at Kentucky State University provides the scientific study of living systems. The curriculum includes courses that examine the diversity of living organisms and the cellular, organismal, population, and ecosystem processes that unify all life. Students are encouraged to master basic principles of scientific inquiry through an independent research project in addition to achieving a sound liberal studies education.

The Division of Mathematics and Sciences offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. The following are some common degree options:

The Division of Mathematics and Sciences also offers a Minor in Biology.


The mission of the Bachelor of Science Program in Biology is to educate its students in fundamental concepts of biology through course work, laboratory and field work, and research experiences that emphasize the unity and diversity of life, analytical and critical thinking, and written and oral biological communication skills in order to prepare them for (1) careers in biology and related fields, (2) further training in graduate and professional schools, and (3) to serve as biology educators. The Biology Unit additionally is responsible for providing courses that fulfill the liberal studies requirements in the natural sciences and service courses to other degree-granting units.