School of Natural Sciences MISSION

The mission of the School of Natural Sciences (SNS) is to support the missions of Kentucky State University and the College of Natural, Applied, and Health Sciences by providing a student-centered  environment  with small  class  sizes  and  extensive  faculty-student  interactions  in  lectures  and  laboratories  for  an  excellent educational  experience  in Biology  and Chemistry. The SNS  offers a Bachelor of Science degree  in either Biology or Chemistry, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry, a minor in each discipline, and Biology and Chemistry liberal studies courses. These degree tracks offer tailored gateways to a variety of health professions and graduate studies in STEM fields as well as specialized training for entry into the workforce. Additionally, the SNS serves the Commonwealth  of Kentucky and the national STEM community as a resource, especially to underrepresented minorities, for undergraduate research  experiences  and  supports  student  and  faculty participation in scientific research, professional development, and services.

School of Natural Sciences​



The School of Natural Sciences (SNS) at Kentucky State University aims to become nationally recognized in the HBCU community  for excellence in education and research in Biology and Chemistry, for contributing to the economic and intellectual  growth of the region and commonwealth,  for providing quality education  for students who are committed  to excellence,  leadership, service and lifelong learning, and producing scientists who are ready for graduate studies or ready to enter into a natural science related career.


As stakeholders, our faculty, staff, and administrators value:

  1. Our students and their success;

  2. Student-centered and nurturing learning environment;

  3. Commitment to Learning;

  4. Academic rigor with a focus on Integrative and Applied learning;

  5. Intellectual and Practical Skills;

  6. Personal and Social Responsibility;

  7. Personal, academic, and professional integrity;

  8. Collegiality and professionalism;

  9. Collaborations and partnerships that serves the missions of KYSU and College of Natural, Applied, and Health Sciences; and

  10. Continuous improvement through lifelong learning.