The Mission of the College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences, in accordance with the overall mission of the University, is to provide innovative opportunities for rising scholars to engage in rigorous, high-quality investigation and discovery, in the pursuit of knowledge that is forward-thinking and facilitates an understanding of the physical and natural worlds that benefit the human condition.


The College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences envisions a student, faculty and alumni corpus who exemplify excellence in teaching-learning, scholarly productivity, and a commitment to professional service and civic outreach.


As stakeholders, we value:

  • Our Students and their success;
  • Academic rigor, critical reasoning, and scientific inquiry;
  • Excellence in teaching, scholarship, and services
  • Personal, academic and professional integrity;
  • Collegiality and professionalism;
  • An environment where diversity and inclusion of thought, aptitude, and background is customary;
  • Collaborations and partnership that serve the people of the commonwealth, nation, and world;
  • and A process of continual improvements.


The College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences, through its Schools and Departments, shall, on a two-year cycle, assure that all degree programs:

  • Apply a systematic, data driven approach in evaluating instructional & learning effectiveness; identifying academic & sustainability needs; and governing resource planning, allocation & forecasting.
  • Attain or maintain national external accreditation where applicable.
  • Track alumni data to evaluate the impact of their studies at the College on their professional opportunities.