Knowledge of mathematical facts and procedures is indispensable to a satisfactory understanding of every field of science. This is true for both the physical and biological sciences, and even the humanities are influenced by the traditions of mathematical knowledge. Mathematical skills and processes are central to the development and practice of critical thought and expression. Physics is the science that seeks to employ mathematics to explain the universe and its phenomena. Courses in mathematics and physics at Kentucky State University are designed to integrate theoretical and practical topics.

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

We offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics, with a specialization in Pure Mathematics:

Interested students should contact the Mathematics Coordinator, Fariba Bigdeli-Jahed, for further information.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics/Applied (Pre-Engineering) Option

The Mathematics/Applied (Pre-Engineering) Option is a five-year, double-degree program.  Students in this program attend Kentucky State University for three years of study in the pre-engineering area of their choice and then transfer to an engineering degree granting university, such as the University of Kentucky. Upon successful completion of the KSU Applied Math/Pre-Engineering degree requirements, students are awarded the Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics by Kentucky State University. Students are also awarded the Bachelor of Science degree in their selected field of engineering by the engineering degree granting university after completing that institution’s degree requirements.

Interested students should contact Jyotica Batra  for further information.

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Education Option

We offer a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics degree, with a specialization in Mathematics Education:

KSU students who pursue Mathematics with specialization in Mathematics Education must also meet all other requirements for admission to and completion of the Teacher Education Program.  Interested teacher candidates should contact the School of Education or refer to the School of Education section of the KSU Catalogue for more details.

Interested students should contact Fariba Bigdeli-Jahed, for further information.

Minor in Mathematics

A minor in Mathematics requires the completion of 19 semester credit hours. Specific course requirements include MAT 131, 132, 231; and the remaining 6 semester credit hours must be selected from upper-division mathematics courses approved by the mathematics faculty.

Minor in Physics

A minor in Physics requires the completion of at least 19 semester credit hours. Specific course requirements include PHY 211 and PHY 212; and the remaining 9 hours may be chosen from any 300-level physics or closely related discipline courses approved by the physics faculty.