The Bachelor of Science in Digital Gaming, Entertainment, and Simulation degree focuses on the current and future state of the video game industry. This will prepare graduates for a career in computer gaming, computer animation, software engineering and systems analyst, system administration and other Game Development related careers.

The following courses are required for this program:

  • ART110, 112;
  • COS375, 385, 460, 475, 476, and 490 or 495;
  • CIT255;
  • DGE300, 380;
  • 3 hours of COS/DGE 300+ electives;
  • and 3 hours of COS/DGE 200+ electives
  • Recommended course progression: DGE

Please check with your adviser to confirm actual degree requirements.

You can enhance your Game Development experience by opting for courses in:

  • Two Dimensional Design
  • Basic Drawing
  • Multimedia Production
  • Technical Writing
  • Online Game Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Gaming and Computer Graphics
  • Game Design and Development
  • Mobile Game Development