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The Division of Mathematics and Sciences includes a community of scholars consisting of a diverse group of undergraduate students majoring in biology, chemistry, mathematics and pre-engineering, 17 faculty and two staff members. The Division is proud of its highly successful group of alumni who serve the nation as medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists, engineers, secondary mathematics and biology teachers, actuaries, scientists and in other careers.

The Division of Mathematics and Sciences is located in Carver Hall that contains the biology, chemistry, and physics laboratories as well as three computer laboratories with many scientific and mathematical software packages. The close proximity of faculty offices to the classrooms and laboratories in Carver Hall allows for frequent interactions between students and professors outside of classes – even across disciplines – which builds a true sense of community.

In addition to classroom and laboratory experiences, all students have research opportunities. Our Biology and Chemistry students are required to complete at least one mentored research project and mathematics majors are strongly encouraged to engage in a research project. Many of our students participate in summer internship programs either on campus or at other institutions. These research opportunities are important preparation for graduate and professional schools.

Throughout their time at KSU, our mathematics and science students are mentored by an advisor and other faculty in their fields. Our faculty members are very approachable and available to interact with students. Thus, our students have the opportunity to get to know the professors and each other and are valued members of our community.

We hope that you have some time to browse through our website and check out our programs, our faculty, comments from our alumni and other information such as the scholarship opportunities and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). You can also check our Facebook profile at Kentucky State University STEM .  If you have any question, please feel free contact us at 502-597-6603 or at fariba.bigdelijahed@kysu.edu.

We hope to persuade you to choose a STEM area for your postsecondary studies and would love to have you join us in the Division of Mathematics and Sciences at Kentucky State University.