Inquiry into the nature of physical phenomena is among the most persistent of human concerns. During the past century, both the scope and pace of such inquiry have broadened and accelerated, and its influence on our civilization has become pervasive. The discoveries and consequences of scientific inquiry have profoundly affected the human race—both in daily life and in practically all domains of intellectual life.

The Division of Mathematics and Sciences believes that an understanding of mathematics and the sciences is an indispensable part of a sound education. Coursework in the Division provides students with instruction that addresses fundamental issues in the broad range of scientific inquiry. The Division seeks to instill in students an appreciation of critical thinking as well as knowledge of specific subjects. Students who decide to major in one of the disciplines of the Division undertake specialized study and research in their selected fields.

The Division offers majors in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The major in Biology includes three options: General Biology,  Pre-Professional, and Biology with specialization in Biology education. The major in Mathematics includes three options: Mathematics/Applied (Pre-Engineering), Pure Mathematics,  and Mathematics with specialization in Mathematics Education. The major in Mathematics leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree; each of the others leads to a Bachelor of Science degree. Minors are offered in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics.


The mission of the Division of Mathematics and Sciences is to: (1) Provide quality undergraduate education in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Pre-Engineering, and Mathematics and Biology Education to produce graduates who are well prepared to practice in their fields of study and/or to pursue advanced education; (2) Support the University’s Liberal Studies Education by offering Liberal Studies courses in the areas of mathematics, biology, chemistry, physical science and physics; and (3) Support the curricular needs of the academic units such as Business Administration, Computer Science, Nursing, and Education by offering service courses in the areas of mathematics and science.

General Objectives

Primary objectives of the Division of Mathematics and Sciences are:

  • Provide academic leadership and professional management of the educational activities in the three academic areas, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics and prepare our majors for further academic study or for mathematics and science related careers.
  • Provide students with mathematical and scientific knowledge required for degree programs offered by other academic units within the University.
  • Provide all university students knowledge of and experience with the methods of mathematical and scientific inquiry by offering liberal studies courses in the areas of mathematics, biology, chemistry, physical science and physics.


Dr. Fariba Bigdeli-Jahed