The Philosophy program at Kentucky State University offers a minor program. While the study of Philosophy can benefit any student, the minor is especially recommended for the following kinds of students:

  • Students pursuing a pre law curriculum.
  • Prospective pre health/medical professionals.
  • Computer science majors.
  • Majors in the humanities.
  • Students in the Whitney M. Young, Jr. College of Leadership Studies.
  • Students desiring to prepare for and excel in the Integrative Studies (IGS) sequence.
  • Sudents with interest in careers in theological schools and religious professions.

The Philosophy program at Kentucky State University offers courses in a variety of basic and specialized philosophical disciplines. The main thrusts of the program are the development of analytical and critical reasoning skills and a focus upon evaluating arguments for and against important contemporary and classical philosophical proposals. The Philosophy program offers occasional colloquia featuring guest speakers, and is closely tied to the Institute for Liberal Studies, which provides various scholarly and cultural activities of interest to philosophy students.

Minor in Philosophy

The minor in Philosophy requires the completion of 18 semester credit hours in the following courses:

  • PHI 200: Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHI 210: Introduction to Logic
  • PHI 310: Moral Philosophy

And three courses chosen from:

  • PHI 330: Philosophy of Religion
  • PHI 390: Bioethics
  • PHI 400: Metaphysics or
  • PHI 490: Survey of Basic Mathematical Logic.