The Criminal Justice major involves the study of crime, offenders, victims and the function of law enforcement, courts and corrections. Courses examine in-depth subjects including policing, court processes, institutional and community corrections, juvenile justice, comparative criminal justice practices, research, statistics, and ethical issues within the criminal justice system. The Criminal Justice major has prepared and educated students for careers in law enforcement, the legal system, and corrections since the 1970s.

To satisfy the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, a student must complete a minimum of 120 semester credit hours. The required courses include 48 semester credit hours of Criminal Justice courses and 9 semester credit hours of support courses. The required courses in Criminal Justice are CJE 101, 215, 220, 320, 325, 330, 335, 340, 345, 350, 410, 415, 430, 433, and 434. The remaining 3 semester credit hours are a Criminal Justice elective to be selected on the basis of the student’s area of interest and includes CJE 321, 322, and 332. Required support courses are SOC 203, SOC 305, and ENG 216 or BUA 204.

Criminal Justice Program

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Dr. Frederick Williams Jr., Ph.D.
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