Welcome! The Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences is home of our undergraduate programs in History, Psychology and Sociology. BSS offers day and evening classes, on-line classes, and hybrid classes. Each of our degree-granting programs offers courses that also satisfy requirements for general education. With study opportunities ranging from local to international study, our full-time faculty are dedicated professionals who are specialists in their areas that regularly lecture, research and publish.

We also offer a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Behavioral Sciences, which accepts applications for the fall semester.  This program takes a multidisciplinary approach to the area of forensic psychology by providing students with background in theoretical perspectives from psychology, sociology, and criminology, basic and applied research methods, and statistical techniques.  Students will develop competencies relevant to the science and practice of psychology, and to the study of the intersection of behavioral and social science and law.  This program is relevant to graduates of psychology, criminal justice, sociology, social work, public administration, political science, and other areas of study that have application to the justice system broadly defined.  Application forms must be submitted to the Kentucky State University Office of Graduate Studies by April 1.  Classes will be held Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Students may attend on a part-time or full-time basis.  Please contact Dr. Mara Merlino (mara.merlino@kysu.edu) for additional information about the program requirements or the application procedure. Admission is a two-step process.  You must first submit your application materials to the Office of Graduate Studies to be admitted to graduate study.  The information about the application process and the forms you will need are available online.

BSS attracts talented students who not only draw academic honors, but also contribute greatly to the life of the university by earning student leadership positions, and go on to careers in everything from law and government, to the business world, and even back the classroom. Our mission is to stimulate students’ intellectual curiosity and critical thinking skills that typically confront the individual, the community, the nation and the world.

With our dedicated, committed, and engaged faculty, we are confident that the Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences offers something for everyone. We invite you to explore what we have to offer and would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have.