Small-Scale Farm Grant Program

How many times have you said to yourself

“If I only had a……..” ? or

“If only the government wanted to help us little guys…..”? or

“If I knew how to….” ?

Well, the time has come… again! Now there is a grant opportunity for small scale farms to secure funds for that critical piece of equipment, or for that marketing infrastructure to help you grow your business!

The Small-Scale Farm Grant Program is administered through the College of Agriculture, Communities, and the Environment’s Center for Sustainability of Farms and Families. Please read the Small-Scale Farm Grant Application and/or the Farmer Education Grant Application closely (they require Adobe Reader, a free download) and take some time to answer the questions with sufficient detail so the Grant Review Committee may thoroughly assess your application.

If you are unsure of how to address your operation to complete the application, we can have someone assist you. There is no rush to apply as there are several rounds of application reviews. We can also assist you with obtaining funds from other government agencies if they are pertinent to your operation.

It is our intent to help as many as possible, so examine your operation closely to identify a key missing component that would improve efficiency, expand capacity, or meet the specifications required to legally sell your product. The application and scoring mechanism is designed to help you with that critical element.

The Enhancing Agricultural Opportunities for Small-Scale Farms brochure (click this link to download) explains the opportunities and the grant process.

If you are applying for funds under the Food Insecurity Program here are the counties that are eligible: Food Insecure CountiesYou can apply for one or both grants (small farm, farmer education) by using the forms described below.

Application Forms

The manual application forms are in Adobe PDF format that can be downloaded to your local computer and print it out, fill it in manually and mail it to us (address is on the form),  or after filling it out you can scan and email it to Allison Noel (

Small-Scale Farm Grant Application (manual)

Farmer Education Grant Application (manual)

Required Supplemental Forms:

Applicants must answer the supplemental questions pertaining to their grant category in addition to the application.

Aquaculture Supplemental (manual)

Food Insecurity Supplemental (manual)

Organic Supplemental (manual)

Value Added Supplemental (manual)

With the forms below you can use Adobe Reader (a free download) that will allow you to electronically fill in all the text boxes, fill in the appropriate check boxes and the form will will auto sum your dollar figures.  Once completed you can email the form directly to:  Allison Noel (

NOTE: You must download the pdf file to your local computer before filling it out.  

Small-Scale Farm Grant Application (e-version)

Farmer Education Grant Application (e-verson)

Supplemental Forms (e-versions):

Applicants must answer the supplemental questions pertaining to their grant category in addition to the application.

Aquaculture Supplemental (e-version)

Food Insecurity Supplemental (e-version)

Organic Supplemental (e-version)

Value Added Supplemental (e-version)

Don’t hesitate to contact me at 502-597-6831 or by email at if you would like someone to visit your farm or business to assist with identifying the best way to utilize the funds for improving your operation.

We look forward to working with you through this grant process.

Joni Nelson

Extension Associate