Today’s world needs people prepared to solve global challenges related to agribusiness, climate change, a safe and reliable food supply, protection of natural resources, improved nutrition, public health, and alternative energy sources.  Increased demand is expected for agricultural inspectors, environmental scientists and specialists, including health, agriculturalists, and food scientists, soil and plant scientists, conservation scientists, forest and conservation technicians, agricultural policy, fisheries and wildlife, economic development, and agricultural communications.

A degree from the College of Agriculture, Food Science, and Sustainable Systems will prepare graduates for a variety of jobs in these fields.  The baccalaureate degree program in Agriculture, Food, and Environment has four options:

Agricultural Systems

Agricultural Systems prepares students for a range of occupations in the field of agriculture and requires the following courses:

  • AEC 305:  Food and Agriculture Marketing Principles
  • AFE 318:  Environmental Entomology
  • AFE 334:  Soil Science
  • AFE 445:  Agriculture and Energy

Acceptable option electives

  • AFE 425:  Organic Agriculture
  • AFE 435:  Urban Agriculture
  • AFE 440:  Ornamental & Landscape Plants
  • AQU 480:  Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Food Systems

Food Systems prepares students for food nutrition and safety areas and requires the following courses:

  • FNU 104:  Basic Nutrition
  • AFE 455:  Food Microbiology and Safety
  • AFE 465:  Food Systems
  • BIO 302:  General Microbiology

Acceptable option electives:

  • BIO 303:  Human Physiology
  • AFE 435:  Urban Agriculture
  • AFE 445:  Agriculture and Energy
  • NUR 412:  Vulnerable Populations
  • BIO 408:  Cell Biology

 Environmental Systems

Environmental Systems prepares students for careers in protecting the environment and requires the following courses:

  • BIO 316:  Ecology
  • AQU 480: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  • AFE 334:  Soil Science
  • AFE 318:  Environmental Entomology OR
  • AQU 413:  Aquatic Ecology

Acceptable option electives:

  • AFE 425:  Organic Agriculture
  • BIO 417:  Ecological Field Methods
  • AFE 445:  Agriculture and Energy

Aquaculture Systems

Aquaculture Systems prepares students in the area of fish production and requires the following courses:

  • AQU 411:  Fish Disease
  • AQU 421:  Fish Nutrition
  • AQU 422:  Principles of Aquaculture
  • AQU 460:  Water Quality Management

Acceptable option electives:

  • AQU 412:  Fish Morphology and Physiology
  • AQU 425:  Aquaculture Economics and Marketing
  • AQU 427:  Fish Reproduction and Spawning Techniques

Curriculum Guide

Year One

Subject PrefixCourse NumberCourse NameSemester Credit Hours
AFE116Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Environment2
BIO111Principles of Biology4
ENG101English Composition I3
MAT115College Algebra3
CHE101General Chemistry I3
CHE110General Chemistry I Lab1
AFE117Global Perspectives on AFE3
ENG102English Composition II3
ART 130Introduction to Art3
MUS130Introduction to Music3
HIS103Western Civilization3
CHE102General Chemistry II3
CHE120General Chemisty II Lab1

Year Two

Subject PrefixCourse NumberCourse NameSemester Credit Hours
AFE217Plant Science3
101Foreign Language I3
ENG211Introduction to Literature3
IGS200Found Cultures3
AFE211Animal Science3
102Foreign Language II3
IGS201Convergent Traditions from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance3
PHY 130Physics & Society3
SPE 103Interpersonal Communication3

Year Three

Subject PrefixCourse NumberCourse NameSemester Credit Hours
AFE450Human Health and Environment3
XXXOption Requirement3
AFE4XXOption Elective3
SOC203Introduction to Sociology3
XXXGeneral Elective3
AFE311Practicum I2
AFE3XX/4XXOption Requirement3
AFE4XXOption Elective3
XXXGeneral Elective3

Year Four

Subject PrefixCourse NumberCourse NameSemester Credit Hours
AFE411Practicum II2
AFE3xx/4xxOption Requirement3
IGS300The Modern World3
3xx/4xxLiberal Studies Elective3
3xx/4xxGeneral Elective3
AFE401AFE Seminar1
AFE4xxOption Requirement3
AFE4xxOption Elective3
IGS3xxCultures Elective3
HED221Personal Health and Lifetime Fitness OR2
PHE1xx/2xxtwo activity courses2
PHE3xx/4xxGeneral Elective3