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Kentucky State University (KSU) is a public, comprehensive 1890 land-grant institution. The Land Grant Program (LGP) works to uphold the mission of the University through its commitment to research, service, and teaching in the food and agricultural sciences. The various programs of Land Grant are supported by federal and state funds. The KSU LGP works to resolve agricultural, educational, economic, and social problems of the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, especially limited resource persons and families

Its three distinct areas are the Community Research Service (CRS), the Cooperative Extension Program (CEP), and Aquaculture Research Center (ARC). Each works to fulfill the requirements of the Morrill Act of 1890 under which Land-Grant programs, nationwide, were founded. The Land Grant Program, with the University and the Kentucky Council on Higher Education, has worked to establish a graduate program in Aquaculture, and continues to employ numerous students in various fields of agriculture. Under the leadership of a diversified staff, the Kentucky State University Land Grant Program continues to move forward in achieving its goals statewide, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

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