Dr. Ken Andries Dr. Ken Andries

Phone: 502-597-5094 , Email: kenneth.andries@kysu.edu

Dr. Andries is an animal scientist, specializing in goats. He is working to assess the potential of grazing as an organic weed management tactic.


Dr. George AntoniousDr. George Antonious

Phone: 502-597-6005 , Email: george.antonious@kysu.edu

Dr. Antonious is a natural products chemist. He is developing botanical insecticides from tomatoes and peppers. The products he develops will be suitable for use on organic farms.


Dr. Michael BomfordDr. Michael Bomford

Email: michael.bomford@kpu.ca

Dr. Bomford’s research and extension efforts at Kentucky State University focused on organic and sustainable production systems. He now works at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Mr. Jon CambronMr. Jon Cambron

Phone: 502-597-6707, Email: jon.cambron@kysu.edu

Mr. Cambron works on developing renewable energy systems to support organic farms.


Ms. Sheri CrabtreeMs. Sheri Crabtree

Phone: 502-597-5698, Email: sheri.crabtree@kysu.edu

Ms. Crabtree’s work on pawpaw, blackberry, and other fruit adapted to Kentucky includes experimentation with organic production techniques.


Dr. Siddhartha DasguptaDr. Siddhartha Dasgupta

Phone: 502-597-5036 , Email: siddhartha.dasgupta@kysu.edu

Dr. Dasgupta is an agricultural economist, with expertise in marketing. He is leading KSU’s “Farming for Cash” program, which teaches small-scale farmers how to grow and market high-value specialty products, such as organic crops.


Mr. Jeremy LoweMr. Jeremy Lowe

Phone: 502-597-5834 , Email: jeremy.lowe@kysu.edu

Mr. Lowe’s work on pawpaw, blackberry, and other fruit adapted to Kentucky includes experimentation with organic production techniques.


Dr. Kirk PomperDr. Kirk Pomper

Phone: 502-597-5942 , Email: kirk.pomper@kysu.edu

Dr. Pomper is the Associate Director of Research at KSU. He also develops new production techniques for fruit crops — especially berries and pawpaw. He is developing organic management tactics for pawpaw and blackberry.


Mr. Louie Rivers, Jr.Mr. Louie Rivers, Jr.

Phone: 502-597-6327 , Email: louie.rivers@kysu.edu

Mr. Rivers runs KSU’s Outreach and Assistance to Socially Disadvantaged Farmers, Ranchers, and Foresters Program. He notifies limited resource and minority farmers of USDA programs available to them, and helps them develop alternative farming enterprises, including certified organic operations.


Dr. John SedlacekDr. John Sedlacek

Phone: 502-597-6582 , Email: john.sedlacek@kysu.edu

Dr. Sedlacek is an entomologist, with a background in ecology. He studies ways to attract beneficial insects to organic land to reduce the need for pesticides.


Mr. Tony SilvernailMr. Tony Silvernail

Phone: 502-597-6974 , Email: anthony.silvernail@kysu.edu

Mr. Silvernail has focused on organic crop production for several years. He is currently working with Dr. Bomford, to evaluate effects of farm scale on sustainability.


Dr. Marion SimonDr. Marion Simon

Phone: 502-597-6437 , Email: marion.simon@kysu.edu

Dr. Simon is the SARE state coordinator and KSU’s Small Farm Program director. She develops training programs for small farmers and extension agents in Kentucky. She coordinates KSU’s innovative Third Thursday Thing programs, which include regular workshops for farmers considering organic production, marketing, and risk management.


Dr. Avinash TopèDr. Avinash Topè

Phone: 502-597-6012 , Email: avinash.tope@kysu.edu

Dr. Topè is a microbiologist, working on food safety and nutrition projects. His work includes food safety assessments of organic farming systems.


Dr. Changzheng WangDr. Changzheng Wang

Phone: 502-597-6097 , Email: changzheng.wang@kysu.edu

Dr. Wang is a nutritional scientist. He examines the effects of different farming techniques — including organic practices — on nutrient composition and food quality.


Dr. Tom WebsterDr. Tom Webster

Phone: 502-597-6351 , Email: thomas.webster@kysu.edu

Dr. Webster studies honeybees. He produces honey without using synthetic pesticides. He is interested in working with Kentucky beekeepers who want to make organic honey.


Updated 09/15/14