All facilities are open to the public on weekdays between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. Please call ahead to arrange group tours.

The Kentucky State University Research and Demonstration Farm

Many projects relevant to organic producers are conducted at our 203 acre research and demonstration farm. Move your pointer over the aerial photograph to learn how the land is used.

Picture of Farm

Organic pawpaws Organic land Runoff plots Berries Berries Pawpaw orchard Grapes Grapes Pasture Organic / Conventional / Bt corn

In April 2009 Kentucky State University acquired an additional 90 acres adjacent to the land shown in the aerial photograph. A range of new projects are planned for this land.

Contact farm manager Eddie Reed at 502-597-5035 to arrange group farm tours.

Center for Sustainability of Farms and Families

The Center for Sustainability of Farms and Families at the KSU Research and Demonstration Farm hosts farm shows, agriculture education workshops and conventions, training sessions and the university’s monthly Third Thursday Thing events.

The 12,000-square-foot facility opened on June 16, 2010. It has a seating capacity of 600

Center For Sustainability





Atwood Research Facility

Organic agriculture research on the Kentucky State University campus takes place in the Atwood Research Facility. This 14,000 square foot building is evenly divided between office and laboratory space.

Atwood Research Facility








State-of-the-art equipment housed in this facility includes

  • a Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometer for measurement of bone density (DEXA);
  • an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer;
  • a Liquid Chromatograph;
  • a digital microscope;
  • a gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer; and
  • Thermo Cyclers, used for Polymerase Chain Reactions.

Cooperative Extension Building

Cooperative Extension Building








This 25,000 square foot building houses five conference rooms and a demonstration kitchen with satellite down link capabilities; video production and print studios; and 27 offices.



To research farm:

From Frankfort, travel south on Rt. 127. Cross I-64, then turn left (east) at an intersection with a Chevron gas station, a traffic light, and a “Kentucky State University Research Farm” sign. Follow Mills Lane east for 1.5 miles. The farm is on the right, marked with a green and yellow sign. Click here for an interactive map.

To campus facilities:

From downtown Frankfort head east on Main Street. Turn left, onto the university campus, at the intersection of East Main and Martin Luther King Boulevard (click here for an interactive map). Park in the lot behind Exum athletic complex, which is the first building on your left. Request a visitor’s parking permit at the campus police station at the edge of this lot. On the far side of the lot is a large brick smokestack, with a ‘KSU’ sign. The extension building is between the parking lot and the building with the smokestack; the Atwood Research Facility is across the street from the building with the smokestack.

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