Summer Bridge Program

As noted, one goal of the project is to attract high school students to KSU’s AFE undergraduate program. A major part of this particular initiative is the new “Summer Bridge” program. Each year, 15 participating high school juniors and seniors from five area high schools will spend four weeks in specialized training.

Summer Bridge will have several specific benefits. For example, the project will help acquaint high school students with KSU’s campus and its academic and learning environments. It also will help prepare these students for college life by generally familiarizing them with a college campus and higher education policies, programs and procedures. Thirdly, it will help them to learn about higher education research programs, specifically in the environmental sciences. The program also will help us attain our goal of attracting high-school students to KSU, since many high schools are not yet aware of KSU’s Agriculture, Food and Environment program.

Summer Bridge will be linked to KSU’s existing EnvironMentors program, through which five students from three local high schools in Franklin County currently work one-on-one with a mentor to create a project about an environmental science issue. During the first two weeks of Summer Bridge, participants will

During the first two weeks of Summer Bridge, the focus will be on preparing students for college, with instruction on the differences between high school and college, computer literacy, brain teasing math, online data search, smart reading, writing and note taking, test preparation and time management, critical thinking exercises, professional communication and presentation skills. During the second half of the program, students will be exposed to KSU’s research projects and be involved in ongoing projects .

Besides KSU’s faculty and researchers, guest speakers from state and private companies who work in environmental management occupations will be invited to speak about the ways environmental science can enhance their future academic and professional careers. Site visits will be made to the Kentucky Department of Transporation, ALLTECH, the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) offices in Frankfort and Lexington. Participating students will receive a stipend for room and board, meals, transportation and other costs.

Download the Summer Bridge Program Brochure (PDF).