Facilities and Laboratories

Kentucky State University (KSU) has made a long-term, ongoing investment in facilities and land to support education and research efforts to meet the needs of students.

For example, KSU owns 15 acres of certified organic land at the KSU farm, which is six miles from the KSU campus in Frankfort.

In addition, KSU’s Environmental Education & Research Center (EERC) is comprised of about 300 acres of hardwood forest, creeks, open space and bird and wildlife habitat. Use of this facility exposes our students to nature and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

ACE’s on-campus computer lab has a capacity of 18 students and is equipped with distance learning equipment as well as GIS and remote sensing software, GPS units, a plotter and scanners.

The university acquired a floating vessel in 2013, the Kentucky River Thorobred, to facilitate research and learning directly on the Kentucky River. Meanwhile, the Kentucky River Interpretive Center, which is located at the EERC, has models of the geologic settings and hydrology of the river, its flora and fauna, the land use and land cover adjacent to the river, as well as a history of the Kentucky River. These facilities will be used for experiential and beyond the classroom learning for students.

Students who visit these facilities will be exposed to a broader concept of the environment, learn about the complexity of the environment, and become proficient in the sciences needed to learn and understand complex environmental ecosystems. These settings will enable both undergraduates and summer program students from high schools to interact with nature while enhancing their knowledge and research skills through practical research, critical thinking, critical reasoning, curiosity and analytical capability.


The KSU GIS Lab is a state-of-the-art, hands-on instructional facility.